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14 August 2014

CHANGE! New hairstyle 2014

When i finally felt like my hair is finally getting longer, im back to super short hair again! & this time it's shorter than ever! First started when a friend ask me to help for a hairshow. They were looking for a cut model and i've been trying to grow my hair out for a year already, planned to grow my hair until a certain length and go blonde! *bye bye blonde hair plan* Plus it's a non-paying job & so i refused.

It was so last minute & they were very desperate, they called me in the morning on the day of the show and asked whether i can go and meet the hairstylists to discuss, i don't know why but i agreed, i guess some part of me felt like helping them. I met the hairstylist & he chose a symmetrical haircut for me, i told him not too short & he agreed. & of course HE LIED... I suggested another hairstyle i prefer from the hairstyle examples photobook (that look something like my current hairstyle) and he said "This is so short, you won't want to cut that short". Okay then.

After hair dying and rehearsal, it was finally time for the show! It was my first hair show btw :).. While hair being cut by the hairstylist on stage, he said to the audiences "This model is different, normally models wont allow us to cut their hair much shorter but this model said that she wants a shorter hairstyle, the shorter the better, i like her!" wtfff... OMGGG he is SO going to cut my hair super short!! was what i was thinking sitting on the stage while unable to do anything about it. 

I came down the stage and received some compliments, don't know if they are just being nice because when i look into the mirror, 2 words... HATE IT! Not posting any photos, just the one below~

After 2 days i went to get a haircut @ Louis Hair Saloon :).. First 2 haircuts in 2014 & both in the same week! Previous hairstyle above, bob with long fridge, ughhhh.. I think i'll like it if its just a little bit longer. I don't know why, but i think that the previous hairstyle makes me look fatter, really!


Satisfied! Thank you Louis :).. Though, girl side of me keep thinking when will i ever have long hair again? but the dancer side of me really loving it. I think it gives me more confident. But i can't really do crazy hair whipping moves now D:

I actually i wanted to cut this hairstyle since last year but didnt have the courage to do it! It was originally inspired by KARA Nicole in Mister/Lupin & Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in from Abracadabra. Loveeee them~ Yes, all quite long ago but still my fav hairstyle of them :)... So, a part of me is quite glad that my haircut gone wrong & finally giving me courage to go for this hairstyle that i always wanted to have.

When i posted my first photo of my new hairstyle on fb, i thought i'll get a lot of "omg y u cut your hair?!"comments. Surprisingly i received a lot of positive comments! Thank youu guyss ^^.. I also received comments that i look cuter/ more mature/ look like a boy. loll different people different views :)

Want to keep this hairstyle for now, but maintaining it is going to be troublesome, its already starting to cover up my eyes! Plus i usually cut & dye myself and only go to a saloon once a year~ But i really love how i dont need to blow dry & comb my hair now! lollll *lazy person*


14 July 2014

Happy Kuching + R16 Borneo

Hello!! Been away from my blog for 2 months now *swipes away spider web*, was being lazy heh :P... Decided to start studying tonight since winter sem started and I need to get a higher CGPA like seriously. But here i am~ lololol .. Sorry bloggie for only updating when i don't feel like studying~

So im gonna blog about 2 events that Vanity Crew performed at happened back in May. Yes May, thats how lazy i am to blog zzz~ I will try to be more active kayyy :)


If you're a kuching person, you probably have seen hashtage happykch around back in April-May. & if you have no idea what was going on, it's a project by The Filmmakers Company to shoot various people around kuching and make it into a music video. 

Selfies of the day. So Vanity Crew was invited to perform as one of the participants of the MV along with many more performances from different studios for the launching event together with Studio23's roadshow.

 On stage shot 


& gangsta style shot while Ariel was being interviewed at the side lol *spot her ass on the left xD*

Enjoy the video! 
You cant really see me but try to spot me if you can, i appeared for like 1 second lol

Personally i think the project and the event was a huge success. Bring a big crowd of Kuching people to one place and shooting for almost 200people and make it into a video, its not easy~ GOOD JOB :)

A friend asked "what's the video for? All i see is happy happy happy." Dafuq? I don't know how to react at the time, its like asking a person "Why the photographer take photos" or asking me why do i dance or cosplay. It's just what people do~ For me, i think the video is quite meaningful, something that was solely made in Kuching, people all around Kuching participated, dancers, singer, everyone and anyone, bringing joy to the video. I feel very proud of the video! :) ... Maybe it's just me but i feel insulted/ annoyed from the "all i see is happy happy happy" wtf ==.. Okay moving on :)

Second event - R16 BORNEO

One of the largest dance competitions *looks at crowd*. R16 Borneo consist of Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, many dancers from different places flew in to compete & Vanity Crew was invited to perform for the event :) ... Winners will get to fly to Singapore to compete for the finals.

 The dance floor.

Some non-related shots with mascots found that day :3 

Another bad makeup day for me :(

No performance shots that day *sadddd*. We was informed that we are performing for the opening in the afternoon so we reached before the competition started but ended up our performance was delayed till almost the end of the competition before final battles for winners & it was like around 8-9pm omggg. So we basically sat there and watched the whole competition from beginning til end lah. Almost fell asleep before performance zz

 Went for Hielo after performance with vanity girls~ 

 Selfie shot of the day. Cherry looks really happy at the back lol

Also, what makes the event even more grand is all the international judges!

 PUZZLE from Canada

 SOLLAH from Indonesia

 BLUE from Korea

 DYZEE from Canada

& not forgetting the DJ of the day, DSK from UK. Non-stop awesome beats whole day! 

 Group photo with organizers, judges, performers & participants.

 The sot sot(crazy) shot of the day. 

 Vanity ~ Munie as videographer of the day and Jasz came to support 

Congratz to Kuching bboy team for first runner up! & also to all the winners of the day~ :)

 Trying to spell out "R16" lolol

 *more vain poses :3*

 Thank you for inviting Vanity Crew to be a part of this event. :)

Ended this post with a selfie with Ariel that drove me around that day ...Much blur~ Is my hands THAT shaky? or is it Ariel's driving? hahahaha

Love supporting the dance scenes but it was a looooonggggg day! Super duper tired!! But a day well spent :)

Check out a video that sums up the overall event [here] made by Blaq. & also try to spot me! ehehe :3 Kay bye! 

09 June 2014

Clash of the Kingz 2014 Kuching

Late update on a competition joined most recently in May. Vanity Crew won in Clash of the Kingz Kuching round! Yayyyyy & we will be flying to KL this month to compete in the in the Finals!

Some selfies before competition with my ugly makeup of the day. Really bad makeup day! Ugly liner, ugly shadow... I've always been bad with fake lashes but that day it was just so bad i just tossed them away and gave up on putting them on!

On stage shots by the organizers.

Look at my belly. OMG.. Been gaining more & more fat lately, i feel like dying x.x. I always told people that if you want to lose weight just to stop eating. Want to diet? Want to slim down? Stop eating. BUT I CANT, ITS HARD! #failedadviser ..I feel like im getting fatter even though i dont eat! wtf... I need to work on it, dont want to live with this belly! 


 Love this shot. I have abs line!! cuz i sucked in my belly *laughs* 

 & our lol shot as always! Ariel, that is not an "ugly face"!! lol.. & Candy just look too cute here! 

 Random shot that i like very much xD

Even though we receive good comment from one of the judges, honestly i didnt expect us to win cuz we were quite messy and we are not at our best. We wasnt ready to get on stage at the time, running and rushing here and there and suddenly we need to get on the stage. I think we werent mentally ready, so we ended up dancing better in our studio then we are on stage, which it should be the other way around! People asked why didnt we share our performance video which non of us did because we all think that we did badly. I think i did really really bad that i feel so ashamed! 

Im going to try harder for our coming final round in KL. I dont want our hardwork to go to waste, i dont want to regret. Winning or losing, i want to come back saying that we did our best!

We went to Cafe-cafe for dinner that night. It supposed to be for Candy's farewell before she went back to her hometown the next day. *Yes she flew to Kuching just to join the competition with us! Miss you lots* .. but she wasnt feeling well that night so she just spent the night with her boyfriend. So the dinner become a "celebration" night on the competition for the rest of us xD.

My drink of the night. I cant really remember want i had as always! loll.. Some drink with longan~

 We ordered a lot and had desserts before meals because we were so hungry!!

 Big plate of Tomato omu-rice.

 Mac & cheese


 Bolognese Spaghetti. See how much we ordered! We shared everything, VANITY CAN EAT!

 With my pretties 

& ugly selfie of the night. WEIRD IS RAD *so me* lololol... After dinner we bought snacks and movies and went back to Munie's for sleepover! Watched 3 movies in a row till the girls fell asleep on the sofa. I think im really good at staying up for movies even though im exhausted! So im the one who kept the plate and shut off the tv and lights. *felt like a mom* xD.. Woke up the next day, went out and had pies together for breakfast. Food non-stop for us!

Ps. Clash of the Kingz Final will be on 21th June @ Mega Star Arena! Come support Vanity Crew if your can ...More info go the official fb event page [here].