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22 October 2014

Anderson's 21st birthday

It was Anderson's 21st birthday. Celebrated with a dinner party held by his parents. Mostly relatives & only like 3-4 close friends were invited. So i feel very honored to be invited xD

Happy birthday to birthday boy! 

Surprisingly, we were placed at the vip table together with Anderson & his family. A bit awkard but it was nice :) 

 Stalker-ish shot of the birrthday boy that turned out not bad :D

Some of the courses served.

 ootn & lotn 

& group pictures! 

Ending the post with a random selfie from the guys using my camera~ zzz lol

14 October 2014

Asuna Kitchen wear Cosplay

[Costume making post] :)

Asuna selfie from recent shoot. The shortest shooting session ever! It was a very bad day but im not here to blog about that xD

Today's post is a costume progress post! I really love to see the progress of anything & everything, how "nothing" becoming "something" lol? .. So i always love to take a lot of progress pictures of the costumes i make & i will feel very sad when i forget to~

The base. It was a very simple pattern but took me some time to think through. Which reminds me that i forgot to snap a picture of my draft :(... Pink bows on the neck have nothing to do with Asuna, it is for another costume that i made half-assed. LL costume~ *hint hint* ;)

Everything was pinned on at first to make sure everything is in place before sewing them on.

Full view.


Bows making for the sleeves. 

*This set of photos taken from my phone turned out foggy & i don't know why :/

Hand-sewed on.


Posted a photo of this costume on my cosplay page that is not completed & ironed yet, feel so embarrassed now because it looks like crap! But don't feel like taking it down or re-posting lol

Side view. Oh, & i also used a green zipper on the costume matching the sleeves (forgot to snap picture) cuz i happen to have one & lazy to go out a to get a white one. & it turned out very nice rather than just plain white! You can't really see it but i love how the colour matched ♥ 

& a shot from the 5 minutes shoot to end the post :) 

12 October 2014

Back to Green


After the last hair show, my hair faded to a very shitty yellow colour & so i decided to redye it myself. Back to green!! 

With flash. I only applied on my bleached yellow part of my hair at first but i still have leftover hairdye so i just random applied all over the outer part of my hair & I really love how it turned out! :D... Green on my bleach hair and also turned my brown hair to a more black-ish colour ♥ 

P/s. I actually prefer black colour for this kind of hairstyle :)

I only dyed the outer layer of my hair, so the inner layer is still brown. Also, i can't see the back of my head but Zach told me that the colour is very imbalance~ lol

*Colour is fading after a few washes & black-ish hair is going back to brown again :(*

A non-flash shot with special appearance of Ginger ♥.. She looks annoyed xD

10 October 2014

New family member!

If you're following my Instagram, you'll probably already know by now that i got a new toy poodle as an early birthday present from mom :) .. Her name is Ginger, 2 months old & we have her for around 2 weeks now.

 So tiny 

I want to take as much pictures of her as possible before she grows up cuz it's sad that Vanilla only have a few baby pictures :(.. Most photos taken/posted are when she's sleepy/ sleeping~ Because other times, pictures will turned out blurry, she too active & playful!

Brought this smallest size collar on the first day i got her. Was afraid that it will be too small for Ginger but it turned out to be way too big! Mom even poked an extra hole in the collar, 2 weeks already & it's still too big! Are you even growing? D:

Her current favorite chew toy. Poor bunny~ She bites everything! Probably because of new puppy teeth. I can't lay down on the floor anymore, she's just run straight to your face, chewing & pulling your hair @@

 Currently mastered "sit" & "shake hand", others still half-assed~

& her cute head-tilting 

All this cuteness also came with a down side, facing pees & poos! I was very patient in the first week, bringing her outside for potty even if it takes hours. She even made Vanilla pees and poops in house! wtf... & when i thought Ginger is finally housebroken, she started releasing in the house again! & it's not once or twice a day but 5-6 times! Maybe i'm just bad at training but I did everything potty training needs to do & i don't know what to do anymore. :(... Luckily Vanilla stopped releasing in the house now or else my heart can't take it! I feel like breaking down already but MUST NOT GIVE UP ON YOU!!

& Vanilla is fine, for people that are wondering~ & also pictures for someone that is missing him the most :)... He was very emo in the first week Ginger joined us. He didnt want to play his favorite ball, he didn't want his favorite belly rubs & he'll just lay down in the corner quietly. Was so worried! D: ... I made sure to give him attentions & he's all better now! He started playing & also asking for belly rubs again :).. He is also slowly getting better being around Ginger despite still being chased by Ginger around the house, A LOT!

Please take good care of Ginger even though she is very naughty and annoys you. Well, she IS your future girlfriend~ lol (big age gap though xD) ...Actually my first reason of wanting a new puppy is to find a mate for Vanilla cause i feel that he is lonely, now im not sure whether Vanilla will even likes Ginger D: ... Please get along 

Two piles of fluff 

That's all for now! More photos will be posted on Instagram @harukobev :)

07 October 2014

4th Anniversary

It was our 4th anniversary last month, we agreed not to buy gifts for each other and we had a simple dinner & movie date that night. Zach brought me to Chef at Home cause i never been there before after it was relocated.

 Love the dim light that makes branch-like shadows 

 Zach got a new haircut! ♥ 

Hated my drink of the night. I really hate mango flavored nata de coco, i just assumed that it will be lychee flavored :(

Zach's Mushroom soup served in bread. 

& my mushroom soup that served in a bowl cuz the bread one costed double. lol.. But if you don't mind the double price, the bread one is really nice! *snatch some bread from Zach :P*

 Chicken Chop (?)

 & my agio olio pasta :)


Some not-very-good-quality phone selfies~

Outfit of the night. Thanks sis for the dress! 

4 years & standing strong. Happy 4th anniversary baby! x