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21 March 2016

Im in Melbourne!

Greetings from Melbourne! Random balloon picture as intro because i don't really have any other photos lol. So I transferred to Melbourne for my final semester!! It's been 3 weeks since i arrived, been busing here and there doing nothing much *lol* so couldn't find the time to post an update. Getting used to life here and enjoying myself but not for long, uni wokrload is piling up!

Student of Swiburne Hawthorn! & here's my ugly student ID but shall not complain cause its much better than my passport or any other kind of photo IDs. Random editing done from snapchat~ Im active! Add me @karukobev

Melbourne City

The city is a very nice place to shop! I love winter fashion so trying hard to control myself from buying all the nice jackets and coats! And shoes! SO MANY NICE SHOES! Must save money so i can travel around Aussie and maybe take on some dance classes here!

You can find graffiti almost everywhere in Melbourne! Which i love

@Hosier Lane. They say there's always new graffiti replacing the old ones there, so you can always go back to see new pieces

@Moomba fest.

City at night

Summarising the first week, Avalon every night! LOL

And FOOD! Everyday all day. I already gained much weight in this short period of time. MUST HAVE SELF CONTROL.



Froyo is love

Enjoying homecooking as well which was mostly done by our mama Lydia

Getting free sushi rolls for supper every now and then which is one of the reason why i've gained weight.

Fav raw salmon How to resist sushi?!

Partner in crime. She's been taking care of me so much ..Let's work hard to diet! hahaha

Bye bye for now! x

17 February 2016

Swinburne Prom 2015

Swinburne Prom 2015 - A Night in Monte Carlo was the theme of the night. Wasn't planning on going at first cause last year's prom was a bit disappointing. But my SDC gang was very insisting and talked me into it just 2 days before the night of prom! Glad i went cause it was a fun and memorable night. Probably my last prom and only one that i get to attend together with boyfie. So im very thankful to my sdc gang for being sibeh(super) insisting! hahaha

My dress/look of the night. My vision dress was actually a silver sparkly dress with a leg opening, a very Las Vegas kind of dress. But it was too last minute, I could have tried to make it myself if i had more time. Drove around kuching in search of a dress just 2 days before but can't find one that's any good. Thankfully saved by my mom for having many dresses from her singing hobby! So yay, saved cost! lol

Handsome boyfriend. *heart shaped eyes* 

Why your back view so handsome also? hahaha *obsessed girlfriend*

Hair of the night that i love very much especially the little flowers that completed the whole look! 

Food for this year's prom was average and entertainment definitely improved. Good job good job. 

We took so many pictures cause its not everyday you get to play dress up :3

Girls of SDC 

Hip Hop kind of pose cause we are from the dance club yo! 

The two that never failed to make me laugh :) 

The guys! There are pictures that are more normal but i like this one best  

With my IBP group members, Funtastic seven 4. 

Was dancing on the dance floor and suddenly a birthday surprise from my sdc gang! Awww 

Now i know why you guys keep pushing me to go to prom you sneaky people! Thank you all! Im very touched and appreciate it very much, love you guyssss ♥ :)

& more pictures!......


Then we found an empty room and did a small photoshoot sesh and im loving the series!!

The 3 couples  

 Fav picture and currently's my fb cover 

They say it looks like a pre wedding shoot. It does doesnt it? hahaha ..Thanks YJ for the pictures! :)

The shot that i go "my arm look fat or not?" 

Random behind the scenes. 

 After prom be like.

Everyone selfie-ing

Quick selfie sesh before leaving!

Super fun and crazy Cindy 

Mama Adeline, selfie queen hahaha 

Sot kia Zi Qiang always fun to be around.

 Eyebrowless YJ.. heh ..Still handsome no worries :P

Pretty Vincci, star of sdc :3

 Dom from Easter Island. LOL (inside joke)

Sebastian, faster learn how to dance i know you can do it :)

& also others that i didn't get to selfie with because they already left or were away at the moment. :(

& my date ...You look pretty with a flower :)

Thank you all for making this a memorable night ♥ :) xoxo