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20 January 2015

Vanity Crew 3rd Anniversary

Wanted to update on Gatsby but dance video is still unloading and its super slow & taking super long!! So i looked through my photos and noticed that i forgot to update on Vanity's 3rd Anniversary back in November! 

Chose a Saturday that we are all free and had breakfast and dinner together. 

Early breakfast at John's Pie. Look at all the sleepy faces, or is it just mine? Except for Munie, we all worn our Vanity Ts 

 Order tea & my favorite quiche 

 ♥ ♥ 

 Dressed up a little for dinner. Every year we will choose a theme on how we dress the night & this year's theme was Sexy & Mature. I got match the theme or not?! xD

 With my pretty babes at The Junk 

We ordered different dishes and shared.
 I don't know what this is called but it super yummy.

 Big thumbs up to their pasta.

 Some kind of bread with tomato.

And pizzas! All the half eaten ones because we forgot to take pictures and suddenly remembered half way finishing them. lol

 We also bought 4 types of cakes from Beyond Veggie. Yum! 

 Picture with Jasz's borrowed camera & it works like magic! Auto filter & everything! xD

Us following the selfie trend~

Our coincidentally matched ootn: 
 The all black. 

& the grey + black. 

 Went to Drunken Monkey for after party while actual aim was to go and take more pictures! :3

 Robot pose.

 HipHop pose.

 Kangfu pose. lol

& our favorite silly pose! 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Vanity! I love you girls~ ♥ ♥ 

15 January 2015

2015! Resolutions?

Hello to 2015!! (yes im slow) ..Random picture with Ginger to start the post, look how big & fat she became!! Feels like forever since i updated! Gomen gomen~  So 2014 resolutions, i didn't really manage to achieve much of it & some even became negative to what i wanted to achieve! wth @@.. 2015 resolutions will be exactly the same as 2014's! So read my last year's post if you want to know xD

Just came back from KL trip for Gatsby Dance Competition. If you follow my instagram, you'll mostly be very well updated :3... Will update about it on my next post! ♥ ♥ 

05 December 2014

New Cosplay Blog

*random unrelated selfie*

So i made a new blog! It's a cosplay blog where i will update my future cosplay-related posts instead of posting here on this blog~ The new blog is kind of like a ripped off from this blog because im using the exact same template + layout but in pink instead~ xD... It's still quite empty now, but more will be added in the future~! Head to & follow for more updates! :) 

25 November 2014

Anime currently following

*random short post

Watching lesser & lesser anime now. Don't know why but recently i feel very lazy to do anything & everything. So now im only following 4 anime that are still on-going & they are all very nice so highly recommended!! 

Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Usho. English: Your Lies in April. Genre: Romance/Music

The anime is just super cute & my current favorite! 

Sword Art Online 2. 

I know most people would know this anime~ Im so happy that the story is back in Alfheim. More Asuna!! ♥ *w*... & much love for newest episode! I think it's the first time in season 2 i think that Kirito is very kakkoii xD.. More Kirito x Asuna please!! ♥ 

Psycho Pass 2

Another must watch! Loved the season 1 & season 2 is very exciting! Wondering & hoping that Kougami will show up soon(?)!

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. English: Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Love it when i first saw the poster before the anime have even released! lol... Typical romance anime that i love & it's getting more interesting! 


21 November 2014

Diamond Ball 2014

Diamond ball aka Swinburne Prom 2014 @ 4 Point Hotel. It was a very  random & sudden decision with Zach to attend prom this year. Since we never once attended Swinburne prom after a few years studying here, so why not? 

Ootn & lotn. Dressed fully in white & brown wig to match the look ♥ :)

Took A LOT of pictures that night!! Will just post some of them that i like :)

♥ ♥ 

Table with dance club gang :)

Kept getting photo-bomb intentionally!!

We also celebrated Jean's birthday that night 

Selfie with birthday girl :)

While kept mumbling how i was never lucky enough to get a prize from a lucky draw. Ta-daaaaa!! Wished that i can get the Husky plushie which was the prize given out after mine but not complaining~

Then it was picture taking time after dinner!

Some group shot with SDC members.

#ifeellikeaprincess.. I think it's my first time wearing a long dress! lol

Handsome boyfie~

Laughing like an idiot.

Shot when we're leaving :3

[Thoughts] Location good. Food was okay, some good some mehh. Performance, also some good some mehh. Don't really know much people there except for dance club members. A bit disappointed because no ballroom dance session, there was the footloose session but no one joined & everyone was leaving that time lol. But overall it was okay~ It's nice to dressed up nicely once in awhile & spend some time with your love ones ♥ :)