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17 March 2015

CNY 2015 Part 1

As promised. Im back from Japan! So here's my Chinese New Year update. This is part 1! Not squeezing everything into one post because there are just too many photos! Chinese New Year is all about spending time with your family & friends, also meeting up with people that you don't usually hangout with, ANGPAOs & lots of photo taking! 

Starting the post with our self-timer family photo that i really love! ♥ 

 Coincidental white with dad & bro! 

Sis is not with us this year because she's studying in UK. Was very tempted to crop her face into the photo with us but was lazy to do so~ Im very sorry lol

Some pictures while im testing the timer~
 This is not how you should hold a dog.

 ♥ ♥ 

Unlike every year, this year i worn something casual. So casual that my dad asked me "these clothes are new ah?".. Then my mom asked me whether i was going to change into another outfit or not. LOL Was it that bad?! It's really simple but i love it. :) 

 Handsome brother & pretty mommy. 

& some photos together with daddy & mommy! ♥ 

 bts, the usual photo-taking at our nicely decorated corner 

 A shot with cousins and aunt when visiting. 

[Thoughts] Cny this year was kind of dull for me compared to past years. Maybe because many people are away & the mood is not that lively like every other year. Only visited 2-3 houses a day & was unable to meet up with cousins as much because of different schedules. Plus, was feeling sick & need to see the doctor on the first night of cny that made me missed out the gathering at cousin Lydia's house *cries*. Was in Borneo Center for like 3 hours! omg. Tho was feeling pretty sick, i still put effort on dressing up & do as much visiting as i can because cny only happens once a year! Placed myself in a good mood that everyone said that i don't look sick at all! lol

Overall i had a great time & i really love this festive season! 

Ps. The next few cny updates are mostly just outfit of the day post. :)

05 March 2015

New Hair + Next Trip, Japan!

Surprise~ Yes im blonde now! No time to take a nice photo so random ugly selfie it is~ I always wanted to go full blonde but didnt have the courage to do so. This time bleached together with my crew mates for our Gatsby Dance Competition in Japan! Self bleaching with some help by crew mates. My hair is super heavy and dry now after bleaching twice, The back side is not balance at all cos i can't see the back of my head lol.

Will be flying to Japan tomorrow (Thursday)! Super excited because Japan is like a dream for me & never thought that i visit so soon, also very nervous for the competition! My stamina like crap! Originally will be flying back on Sunday which is the next day after our competition. Wanted to stay longer, i don't want to fly all the way to Japan & not have the time to enjoy the trip. Gatsby organizer doesn't allow us to change our return flight again so i bought my own & extended for 1 week! I feel so poor now.. But Japan im coming!! 

I'll update on my cny celebration when im back~ :) x

18 February 2015

Chinese New Year eve

Tomorrow's the day!! It's Chinese New Year!! But im feeling really sick right now (since Valentine's day) so im not really feeling it. I've just started my Harvest Moon allover again yesterday & now i just feel like laying on my bed playing it instead of going visiting cause i just don't have the strength to do that right now. Just waiting for time to pass now so i can take some shot of the pretty fireworks at 12 midnight 

Are you ready for cny? Shopped enough? I actually prepared what i wanted to wear on day1 & day2 but im not wearing those that i picked anymore i'll just wear them on some other day because my period just came & I just don't feel comfortable wearing a tube skirt because of that. Feeling sad but feel too sick to dress up too :/ ..So i guess i'll just randomly select some outfits to wear.. You'll know if you're following my instagram, that im actually trying to make a cheongsam (my first cheongsam & self made :D) & said that i'll wear it on chinese new year if i mange to complete it with a decent look. It's actually 95% done with only the chinese buttons left but i changed my mind. I feel awkward when i was testing it & just feel too shy to wear it to visiting. My mom said that cheongsam is meant to be wear on cny, yeah but i still feel awkward. Maybe next time :)

But my cheongsam will not go to waste. I'll alter & add more details & make it into Maki's unawaken chinese dress & have a photoshoot (yayyy!). The original design pattern i use did come from her actually xD.. Before altering i wanted to have a little shoot with my 2 poopies (Vanilla & Ginger) because i made them their own chinese clothes too. Nothing fancy though, Ginger with a sinple vest & Vanilla with a bow tie. The fabric i used is the same as my cheongsam so we will match perfectly! Unfortunately, Zach was to busy preparing for cny that he didn't have time to shoot for me, so i just shoot my 2 poopies instead. Location: our own living room with our pretty decorations 

Sharing some shots i took.

Vanilla looks super cute 

Ginger looks confused ♥ lol

I love this shot!! Though i focused on the decorations behind ._.

I just created a Flickr account, [click here] for more pictures & view them in HD! Most photos are off focus though :X .. Ginger have lesser shots than Vanilla because she just won't stay still!

It's Ginger's first chinese new year & i was very worried that she will get scared of the fireworks. People are already lighting fireworks around & Ginger is surprisingly calm! (she's usually a scaredy cat) while Vanilla will either stay very close to you or hides behind the sofas like every year. lol

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! x 

05 February 2015

KL trip + Gatsby Msia 2015

It was originally a 3 days 2 nights trip that we will be flying back the next day after our competition, but we wanted to stay longer for food and shopping! I don't know why but Gatsby organizers won't let us change out return flight this year so we bought our own return ticket & extended 2 more days for ourselves :) ..*Squeezing in everything in one post!*

Day 1

 Sleepy face at airport with my Leo plushie as always 

Competition this year is held in NU sentral mall & the hotel they provided for us is Hotel Sentral which is within walking distance from the mall. I don't know about the pricing but it's quite comfy :)

Ariel's cute pop up while i was taking pictures. Our room is already a mess right after we enter! lol. 

After we looked for food at NU Sentral Mall we just spent the rest of our day chilling, watching tv & eating snacks in our hotel room.

Day 2

Woke up in the morning to have out breakfast provided by the hotel & head to sentral mall for rehearsal after.

 @ center court of the mall 

A shot from a friend who happens to pass by during our rehearsal xD. After rehearsal we went back to our hotel to get ready and head back to the event location again.

 Selfie after makeup :3

 Our simple outfit that i really like for our first routine. We forgot to take group pic tho :(

 Us going up on the platform for our first routine. *Note on the picture on the big screen

They asked us to submit our group & solo photos a few weeks before the competition and this picture above was the one that we submitted. I really like this photo!

But i guess they wanted our face so they photoshop-ed our solo pics together. We was like wtf & kept on laughing when we saw our "group" picture at the competition! Whyyyy.. We are the only crew with an odd photoshop-ed group picture! They should've ask us to send another one if they didn't like our picture. LOL

First routine, no full video posted. But you can check out my Instagram to watch the short version of our performance :3

Second routine. Mental Patient themed routine which you can watch [here] on my youtube channel. Thank you Gabbie for helping us to record :)

There is also a freestyle battle that consist of 16 contestants. But we only managed to watch the top 4 battle cuz was busy changing and preparing for second routine.

Then announcement of winners & prize giving!! Champion goes to........................


VANITY CREW!!!! *throws confetti* xD

 Here's judge Alex helping us to carry our prize speaker for photo taking! lol thank you very much!

[Side story] The speaker is heavy! And we need to hand carry when we were changing hotel the next day. We took the train, changing station to station with one person carrying the speaker, one person with 2 person's luggage & one person carrying own luggage with the champion board. My milo in my hand carry paper bag was torn & covered my luggage with milo because of all the moving & squeezing around. We even missed our station and need to walk extra stairs to get back on the right track. What could be worst? My luggage's pull handle broke halfway while struggling with 2 person's luggage! (which was a lot heavier than the speaker, each!) So i need to hand carry my milo-smelling luggage for the rest of the trip. It was horrible!! Good thing we called for a taxi for our return road trip back to the airport! 

 & also congratz to all winners! 

 With ShakeLoveBoom & Lingo Twins :)

 Love this photo that Ariel refuses to post~ I think your laugh is cute & we look happy xD ♥ 

Finally, Vanity is going to Japan!! Tho I think that i didn't do very well. Lack of stamina, still so much to improve on & currently very lack of confidence for Japan :(.. But will definitely work harder and do my best in Japan! Hope practice will start soon cuz im getting nervous! @@ 

Day 3

Big breakfast to start the day. Yay for pancakes! 

Changed hotel and went to 2 different malls after. Big thanks to JiaXian for driving us around! Shopping & food hunting with Ariel whole day until our feet hurts!


 My usual order for Snowflakes. I should try something new next time!

 & dinner, Salmon Cabonara! Yum! 

 New pair of shades 

Day 4

 Random morning selfies before heading out. Thank you little bro Aaron for the new varsity! 

 With our new shades that i convinced Ariel to buy it with me! ...weeeeee~ 

More shopping  that day! Look at my hauls for Chinese New Year! Definitely spent over my budget ><

Lunch & dessert of the day. Rushed dinner because we were going too be late for dance class because of traffic. I don't think i can stand living in KL because of the traffic!!

Private class by Dennis Yin that we requested before coming to KL. I did horribly & i almost cried during class because i kept on forgetting the steps! LOL but it was alright, i had a good time learning a different dance style :) ..

Day 5
 Put on eyeliner while waiting for time to pass in our hotel because of our alang alang flight time lol.

 Subway @ KLIA2 before flight.

 ♥ ♥ 

Favourite window sit 

Back home! ♥...Thank you for picking me up at the airport :)