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09 September 2014

Junko Cosplay

A Junko selfie to start the post #vain.. I finally did my Junko shoot! She's my cosplan since last year after watching Dangan Ronpa but much much much delay, will talk about it after i talk about the costume's progress :)

The top that took me the whole day figuring out the patterns and finishing it. Initially, i thought i can finish the whole costume in a day, but i was overestimating myself! lol

Skirt making. I really love making pleated skirts! It's easy and they look nice ...Really enjoyed making Junko skirt because of the plaid fabric that is very easy to work with! No drawing lines or markings needed, just measure, cut and sew according to the pattern! #lazyperson ... The fabric is one of the reasons that this cosplan was delayed because i can't really find the tartan pattern that i'm satisfied with. After much searching i finally found the pattern that i want!

& ta-daaa! The end product! The necktie took me some time figure it out & finally i got the pattern right, it was quite simple actually but i think too much xD.. The collar was made very badly (i suck at collars TwT), it need to be pinned to stay in place. & my collar can't stand because i only found out about interfacing recently @@.. *Amateur sewer* but overall i'm very happy with it. 

A shot of our kawaii Vanilla that day that i just have to share even though it's unrelated. lol ...Moving on to why the shoot was delayed. I finished my costume in around March & in April, i was fully ready after receiving my wig & Monokuma. Pm-ed a friend photographer for my Junko shoot at the beginning of May & he said okay. I told him that i want a dark & classroom themed shoot & he pm-ed me at the end of May telling me he will search for a suitable location.

After 3 months not hearing from him, i gave up on waiting & had a simple shoot with Zach. So hard to find cosplay photographer in Kuching :(

Simple set up by me with a plain background + Zach being Zach. Very happy with the shoot! I love Zach shooting for me. Even though he is not an actual photographer, I will prefer him as my photographer anytime. If only i have more photography equipment, wanna try different styles of shooting. & with him, I can pose more freely & i can boss him around until he gets nice shots xD 

New header for my cosplay page! For more photos, stay updated here: 

08 September 2014

Boyfie's 21st Birthday!

The boyfie is 21 years old! Went for dinner with the family and friends & movie date together with the cousins after. :)


Current hair after Obsidian hair show. I was the colouring model which they dyed my hair on stage. It was dyed green after bleaching but it turned back to yellow after 2 washes. :(

Outfit of the night. Loving my new bralet :) 

 We went for the buffet dinner @ Imperial Hotel, the new hotel at Boulevard. 

 Handsome birthday boy of the night :)


 The lasagna is love :)

 & the dessert table is the prettiest! 

Ate mussels & salmons until i'm full!  


Group picture of the night. 

 Zach's parents. Loving this photo :)

Birthday cake from Tom's bought by Zach's friends. "Happy Birthday to Jiak Curry"~ Jiak curry means eat curry which sounds similar to Zach's name, Zachary. xD

& he blew off his candles too suddenly that i wasn't able to get a candle blowing shot :( 

It was a very nice dinner. Same complainted that the food choices were too little but it was enough for me ;) 

Bought Zach a Paco Rabanne, Invictus perfume set. As a symbol of growing up? lol.. I brought him to go choose for himself actually, because i want him to have a fragrance that he himself will like. What's the use if he doesn't like the smell right? I hope you like it :) 

Happy 21st to my baby! Love you :) ♥ x

07 September 2014

20 facts about me.

There is this popular tag on Instagram these days, #20factsaboutme. Tagged by friends a few times & I posted my 20 facts 3 days ago that took me quite a long time to think. I think i have a lot more to write but i wanted to make the post short and right to the point as much as possible on Insta. So today's post will be on elaborating my 20 facts Insta post in more details xD.

Get ready for a super long post!! If you are lazy to read my super long post, for short version of my 20 facts, just read my highlighted ones :)

Also, im using selfies taken before my haircut that i didnt get to post before, heh.

1. I love hanging out with people but most of the time I prefer staying in my room browsing the net/ watch anime. Otaku girl :)
I really love going out and spending time with my love ones. Friends, family & boyfie, i love them all. I don't actually think i "prefer" staying at home rather than going out with them, is i "can" cuz i will never initiate or plan an outing. I am the type that can spend the whole day being in my room facebooking/ watching anime/ movies alone. Im always in my room that my mom always ask me to come out of my room once in awhile. LOL... So invite me out kayy~ or i'll just grow mushrooms in my room.

2. Im a crybaby and i hate it!
I've always cried too easily since i can remember. My sis and cousins used to hate it because the adults will always think i was bullied & everyone from my family would call me "ku bao" that literally means cying-bread in Chinese named for crybabies. I really hate it because i cry too much & too easily which i think it's a sign of being weak! & sometimes it's just very unnecessary!

3. I dance simply bcos i love it but at the same time i hope to reach a specific dancing standard/ goal.
Dancing is a big part of my life, i've been dancing since little. Even though its different from what im dancing now, it has always been my biggest hobby. Even though i cant really freestyle but i enjoy dancing choreographs to the music. Aside from my love towards dancing, i wish to improve it! I want to reach a certain level that i will be please (i still don't think im a good dancer, well at least not enough) & i wish that i will be able to join more competitions in other countries. Wish to be able to join a tv reality dance competition someday, something like Astro Battleground. :)

4. Lizard is my biggest fear.
I won't say ghost because i never really seen one, not planning to either. When i walk in the dark or going anywhere, in my mind i will always be hoping that i wont encounter a lizard. Lizard should extinct!

5. Chocolate is my all time fav flavour.
Ice cream, yogurt, anything that i can choose Chocolate as  the flavour, i will! I don't really fancy eating chocolates though. Ferrero is the only chocolate that i will eat a lot & wont get tired of.

6. I prefer having desserts rather than meals.
I want both but if i have to choose, it will be desserts. Sometimes when you are just too full to eat both, or both will just make you fat, i'll rather skip my meals and have desserts instead. xD

7. I cant wear specs, hats or headbands, i'll get headaches. How sad cause i love them!
I rarely wear my fake specs now cuz i'll get headaches. For hats, you will always see me wearing my snapbacks front side back, it helps on the headaches i not sure why either. I can't even stand 5 minutes of wearing headbands!

8. Cosplay is one of the things i love & most of my money are spend on it instead of clothes and bags like most girls.
Yes cosplay is a money eating hobby. I believe that all hobbies have a cost for doing what you love. I hate it when people say cosplay is a waste of money or it's for rich kids. NO! How would you like it if i say that you're wasting your money on buying cosmetics or clothes? Everyone spends their money differently and im spending mine on something i love happily :)

9. Im good at saving money and spending money at the same time. lol
I think im really good at saving money. I don't really shop a lot & i don't ask for extra money. I manage my fixed allowance + salary from some of my part time jobs i do. Sometimes to save money, i dont really eat outside/ eat less/ choose cheaper food. Most people will think i don't eat because im scare of getting fat but mostly it's about saving money but i won't say it cuz they might offer to pay for me, like my cousins! But when buying the things i want, i will save up for it & i can buy a lot! Example my cosplays :)... I will always do budgeting on things i buy so i wont go lack of money or having a zero bank account. So overall i believe i'm managing my money well :)

10. Im scare of growing up. Bring me to neverland!
Like literally. I don't know about other people but since little i'll always think about what will happen in the future & get really scared. Mostly im scare of the people around me leaving me. What do i do when i grow old & facing death? Sometimes i even wish i wasn't born because of all these questions in my head. I don't think all these fear will ever go away but we'll just have to live our lives to the fullest. YOLO right.

11. I hate alcohol. I only drink some occasionally & I don't smoke. Never tried.
I CAN drink alcohol, i will drink when a friend hands me a glass of beer or something, but i just never like the taste of it. I refuse to buy or pay for alcohol cuz for me i don't think it's worth the price. I remember one time when i was out with some friends and they ordered some alcoholic drinks, i didn't want to drink it but they insisted, ended up they asked for me to split the bill. ==... Please don't ask me to pay for something i don't want. & i don't smoke, never tried not even once. I would like to try it at least once in my life but no one ever let me! lol.. People around me 

12. GD is still my no.1 idol since 2009 but im not the obsessive kind of fan. At least i think im not. Im not the kind that will overreact if he gets a girlfriend etc.
I used to think idolizing someone is stupid, like how could you get so crazy of a celebrity?! Until i know GD :3.. I think that is why im not the crazy type of fans, im just super in love with him thats all. I hate it when fans criticize and curse the gf/ bf of their idols. LIKE GET A LIFE PLEASE. For me, i think i will congratulate and give my blessings. I guess i just understand that celebrities are celebrities & im just a normal girl :) .. Still, i totally ship GD & CL!! :3

13. I can't stand heat & cold.
Normally, people just cant stand one but i cant stand both! I get hot & cold easily and faster than other people!

14. I hate sharing bed and bathroom. It's only fine if its a temporary thing.
I need my space when i sleep, i like to roll around and have my own blanket to myself. I can't share bathroom! I have my own bathroom in my house, it's not the kind that is only connect to my room but im the only one using it. Im not a clean person but i just cant stand it, i guess i can i only stand my own dirt lol. People around me would know this, when checked into a hotel room i will ask everyone to keep the bathroom dry, i cant stand a wet bathroom. I dry myself up at the bathing area before i step into the sink area & i don't think much people do that. I cant stand seeing hair that is not mine around the bathroom. I cant stand people not closing the caps of anything, toothpaste, shampoo etc. I know a lot of people does that & i don't understand why.

15. I ony read manga through phone. I cant read through the computer cuz i'll get headaches.
I get headaches easily! I cant read through the computer, i cant read or play games when i'm in the car.

16. I hate putting on makeup because i hate removing it.
I really love makeup actually! I don't really put on much because of the process of removing it especially eye makeup but i really love the very dark kind of eye makeup! When I'm removing my makeup i always feel that my skin is going to come off, maybe it's the way i remove it? lol.. So normally i'll only put on powder and  draw on eyebrows only cuz it's easy to remove. :)

17. Too lazy to doll up most of time but at times i enjoy doing it too.
At most time if you see me outside, i will be in my messy & ugly mode. lol... Sis and cousin always ask me to dress up nicely or at least properly when i go out but im just too lazy! I can wake up & get ready in 5 minutes and be ready to go out! Sometimes i enjoy dressing up when going out too & that will mostly take me more than 1 hour to get ready!

18. I get cranky when i just woke up. Do not wake me from a nap.
Im fine with waking me up in the morning (when i need to be wake) but waking me from an afternoon or evening nap or in the middle of the night, i'll explode! I will even yell and throw stuffs if you wake me up and asked me to do things. Then i'll feel guilty when i calm down :X .. Sorry to my family that need to deal with it.

19. I have a very messy room.
It's beyond your imagination. End of story.

20. Im a very dependent person i admit.
Im a very very dependent person & i want to change this! But i think i'm a lot better now compared to before. 

Finally came to the end of this post! I still have lot of things i can write but i think i wrote too much already LOL. Im giving this post the  Longest Word Post on this Blog Award for now :)

I hope this post will help those that want to know me a little more. If you don't, then i don't know why you're here~ lol

Goodnight xx.

06 September 2014

Osome Pizza

Introducing Osome, Wood Fired Pizza introduced by fellow Dance Club peeps~ Im not sure how to pronounce it, some people pronounced as "O-SO-ME" but i pronounce it as "AWESOME" :)

 Walk in the door and you'll see the station where they make your pizzas.

 For me, i always prefer the second floor of anywhere :)

Look of the night. My typical snapback, crop top with skater skirt & converse :).. As you can see, this is quite some time ago since my hair is still longer here~


We ordered 2 pizzas that night. I not sure which is this~ I think its either the signature pizza or the most popular one cus we asked for suggestions.

Cheese is love! Im so in love with these thin crispy kind of pizza! Used to dislike pizzas because of Pizza Hut where all you tasted is bread :/

Second pizza is the Mighty Pork Bacon Pillow Pizza. Sounds really attractive right?! But it wasnt that good, for me there is too much tomato taste & i prefer the flat kind of pizza more. I would like to try the Quattro Fomaggi next time im there! It's a chesse pizza that contains 4 different kind of cheese! *w*

Craving for pizzas!!! ♥ 

Service, environment, food : 8/10 :)