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01 July 2015

Japan | Akihabara

Akihabara! Otaku heaven. It is definitely the place to come if you're looking for anime related goods. We didn't go for shopping but both of us being anime fans, it's a must to visit to this famous street. A place where you can spend a lot time at. We spent hours just looking around and only got to walk a very small part of the area. Not much to say here but i took some photos so i'll just share them :)

One of the ICT mall we visited which each sections was separate by each floor. Mobile devices selling on one floor, home appliances on the other etc. We spent most time on the gaming floor.

Ps3 section.

Manga heaven! If only i can ready Japanese *sobss*

The famous Akihabara street. A walking distance between here and the train station. We had no idea where this was at first. Just followed the crowd and it got us here. The buildings are so colourful! And they mostly have their own solo building for each shops/ brands.

You can spot a few Maido cafes around but i didn't try it cause i didnt want to drag Zach into something he doesn't have any interest in. Would like to experience it next time if i have the chance. :) 

You can find a whole shop selling figures. Loveeee

One Piece love :)

Fav Asuna version.

And one thing i noticed in Akihabara is the Love Live trend! LL EVERYWHERE! 

And in Japan you will spot a lot of these vehicles for different artists just driving around promoting and playing their songs. *sing along*

There's also a whole building of the famous Japanese claw machines, whole building of arcade. Just wow. Planned to visit more places so we left after walking a part of Akihabara. Didnt get to finish the whole street but i think it was unnecessary since many shops sells somewhat similar things. Unless you plan to do a shopping spree here it will then worth more time. :)

Watch my random short video here

13 June 2015

Japan | Ichiran Ramen

 Ichiran Ramen, a must eat when you visit Japan! 

 The one we visited is located in Harajuku where you need to walk up the stairs leading to the entrance.

 Ordering machines located at the entrance. Order & pay first before you enter.

 Queuing for seats.

They will hand you this paper where you select your preference on the noodle texture, spiciness, oiliness etc. Ask for the English version if you dont understand Japanese :) 

Inside where all customers have their own individual box. The concept is to let each costumers enjoy their ramen to the fullest without any distractions/disturbance.

 When seated, just put your preference paper and order ticket on the table and they will come and get it. 

Press button if you need anything. 

Additional items paper if you want to order for any extras. So literally no talking is needed here!

Sitting next to Ariel, its only natural to talk non-stop over our cubicles. Ashley said that we ruined the whole concept of the shop. LOL


 & Zach~

 ♥ ♥ 

 My big big bowl of ramen & my extra egg :3 

Best ramen ever? YES SO GOOD! It's so big that some of us cant finish the whole bowl and had Zach to finish for us!

 Random photo leading to the toilet.

Toilet selfie with Cherry who was separated with us to the other room together with her sister and Yamada-san.

A very happy food experience! & Japanese people serves food fast! The only waiting needed is waiting for available seats. A must visit! So glad that we were able to pester Ashley into bring us here! ;) 

24 May 2015

Japan | Tokyo | Shinjuku Gyoen

It was the day after our dance competition, woke up for breakfast and headed out quite early because we had a limited time to look around Japan together since Ariel and our caretaker, Ashley was flying back to Malaysia that evening. Sightseeing is a must for traveling! So Ashley brought us to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Where we spent hours there just running around and take photos! ...I took almost 300 photos here! hahaha.. So enjoy my photo spam~

On one of the streets heading to our destination. Personally love this shot very much because i think my wavy-ombre hair looks nice~ heheh

Path to Shinjuku Gyoen.


You'll need to pay for entrance fee. I can't remember the amount but it is not expensive and definitely worth it. :)

It was just the end of winter so the grass wad still dead lol. But it was still very pretty! 

Adventure timeeee

We love Japan 

Sorry for the much face covering pictures, my face was frozen.

Plum blossoms that we thought was sakuras but not.

Just having fun running around lol

Anywhere is a good stop for a picture even it's with a random tree trunk LOL.. Ariel, you look short here hahaha

Another random tree trunk.

And finally sakuras!! ♥ 

Group picture with the gang. 

More beautiful dead grass field ♥ 

Fav spot of the day, beautiful sakura corner spotted by Ariel! 

We got so excited just looking at flowers and taking pictures with them in this little corner. Imagine when it's April and the whole Shinjuku Gyoen is covered with sakuras! 

♥ ♥ 

Wanted to just lay on the ground and selfie x934382356827. Zach stopped me tho. :(

Yup, a picture with the ground is nice too. :3

Much lovee 

After spending much time with sakuras, we explored the garden a little bit more.

Went to the building in the picture above.

sight from the building. 

Can i live in a place like this please?

Construction building ruining my picture.

We only walked a small part of the garden, it was just too big for our limited time. We went for another stop before Ariel & Ashley had to leave for the airport which is Harajuku! Saw pictures of some other parts of the garden with very pretty sights that we didn't get to explore, so i would definitely come back again when i have the chance!

Shinjuku Gyoen is so pretty even at this end of winter season. It is clean and very well-maintained! Just imagine in April when spring came and the park is covered with sakuras and green grass field. It would be just amazing to look at! Best time to come to Japan for sightseeing! :)

A day is always a good day when you took a lot of nice pictures! Just too bad i didn't get to bring my DSLR along. I would have gotten more! lol.. Watch my short Shinjuku Gyoen video on Insta! :) #harukotravels