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22 March 2017

Valentine's Day

Skipping some potential blog posts from 2016. Wow im finally blogging about 2017! 

It was a very special night for me, for us. It was our first valentine's day and our first proper dinner date after a hard decision on whether or not to get together for the longest time ever. But everything turned out well, thankful for so many reasons, so yay! Boyfriend brought me to B.GreenHouse. It's a very nice western restaurant that i heard a lot good reviews on. I love their valentines decoration of the table that gives you a very nice romantic vibe. Each table got their own canvas with the couple's names on it which i brought back for self keeping to look back on. I know a lot of places that only prepared like a candle on the table, so big big plus to B.GreenHouse! :)

 Complimentary rose which was very nice of them.

Boyfriend all dressed up and handsome ♥

& food of the night! I'm just gonna copy the menu down below cause it all sounds very fancy! tho i don't understand most of it :)

A bottle of wine & appetizer Tuna Tataki
quick seared yellow fin tuna | borneo black pepper crust | mesclun salad | shallot ring | baby horseradish | promegrante | citrus dressing

Next, Chicken Consomme
chicken clear soup | foie gras wonton | miniature vegetables 

Boyfriend ordered the Grain Fed Beef Sirlion
beef sirlion with truffle herd crust | beef zurichoise tartlet | sauteed vegetables | sauteed potato with onion | bordeaux sauce  

I ordered Duo of Lamb
herd crusted lamb loin | grilled lamb cutlet | garden vegetables | potato puree | natural jus 

I took his beef sirlion cause i liked it more! hahaha 

 Yas feed me ♥

 And dessert! Very Berry
Strawberry panna cotta | strawberry ice cream | strawberry sauce | popcorn

Both of us don't really like strawberry flavour but this was so good! In fact, everything tasted pretty good. Portion may seems small but they definitely fills you up. Overall, very satisfied!

 And also a complimentary polaroid after meal ♥...Such bad photographing skill tho.

Not forgetting roses from boyfriend! Prettiest thing ever. Love the flowers and colour combination and everything! 
Good job baby :) ♥

Happy girl is happy :) 

Thank you for the amazing night, it was perfect and more than i can ask for. Cant wait to see you in a few days! 
Love you very much :) x

10 March 2017

Snow Mountains Experience

It was my first snow mountain trip last year & i went to 3 different snow mountains. Like whut, yes THREE in one winter! 

My first snow mountain experience was at Mt Baw Baw with the cousins. Its around 2 and a half hour drive from Melbourne city which is the closest out of the three. It is also the smallest but its nice for a day trip getaway.

Snow suited up! Suggestion: Get all your snow shit, jacket, pants, shoes and gloves! Rent them if you have to. I only have the proper jacket. My pants, boots and gloves are not for snow. Don't be like Bev, you'll suffer! 

Tried snowboarding that day! Because it looks cool af. Snow sports really helped with the cold. 

When you never snowboard and doesnt wanna take snowboarding lessons. I did pretty shit, know i can do better but didn't get to snowboard much because Mt Baw Baw uses T bar lifts (see above photo). & I JUST CANT T BAR! I kept falling and was only able to reach the mid of the slope like twice! At one point i tried walking up the slope. Like nope! Unless you're Wolverine then maybe you can.

I gave up on the T bar and made snowman in a corner lol. 

♥ ♥ ♥ 

If i ever wanna go snowboarding and skiing, Mt Baw Baw will be my last choice because of the T bar lifts! And ski routes are pretty small and short, you can easily reach to bottom of the hill in just a few minutes. But if you don't want to travel far to see snow, Mt Baw Baw is more convenient because its so close to Melbourne city.

You can reach Mt Buller around 3 and a half hour drive from Melbourne city. I think Mt Buller is the most popular tourist spot if you want to experience snow in Victoria because it has everything and its close to Melbourne city compared to others. We followed a tour with a good deal that includes entrance and bus fees which was pretty convenient. Though time was pretty limited so we didn't get to ski. 

I learnt my lesson and bought snow gloves and rented snow boots! Don't think i need snow pants because no sports that day!


Weather that day was pretty shit. It was snowing heavily and also the coldest day in that week.

 Pros, you can take snowflakes picture!

Me looking ninja af. We went up the hill to grab a few pics but all you can see was fog. 

 The three little pigs ♥

Couldn't really enjoy myself that day cause it was too cold for me. Played in the snow a little then i went indoors to warm myself up until it's time to leave. Would love to return in better weather and ski :)

And my favourite out the the three would definitely be Falls Creek that is so much bigger and prettier! Its a 5 hours drive from Melbourne city and staying overnight is recommended if you wanna snowboard or ski! If you have the time, Falls Creek is definitely worth it.

The view there is the prettiest thing 

I chose to ski this time and YES CHAIRLIFTS! There are three different ski routes and of course we chose the beginner one, Wombats Ramble. I really enjoyed Wombats Ramble, its a pretty long way down the hill with a lot of twist and turns and nice view.

First time skiing and didn't want to take beginner lessons again, & i think i did pretty good! The women that rented us our ski equipment said that its very  good for a beginner to be able to finish wombats ramble just once in one day & i did like 5 rounds in two hours! First time down the hill took me an hour and after a few more tries i can easy ski down the hill in 10-15mins without falling. So proud of myself! *Pats own shoulder*

Definitely recommend beginners to try to ski first. Its a lot easier than snowboarding, you'll have more control and stability. Doesn't recommend Falls Creek if you're trying snowboarding for the first time. Snowboard goes fast and its really hard to stop if you dont know how to, there are a few turns without fences there and you might just fly off the cliff just like that. Have fun but be safe!

Even though i kept feeling like im gonna break a bone, I really enjoyed snow sports & would love to do it again in the future!

08 March 2017

I turned 22

It was my first ever birthday away from the family. Thankful to have such amazing people around me that made me feel loved. In fact, i had a total of 3 birthday surprises! 

First was a birthday gift surprise from the BEST HOUSEMATES EVA. I love you guys too! I used to call them my wives because not knowing how to cook being a useless shit that i am, they always cook nice food for me and took really good care of me! Many times i came home and there was food waiting for me on the table. Ngawwww i love you guys so much! ♥

It was like one week before my birthday and we were gonna have our usual movie night together. While i was searching for a movie, they hid the gift under my pillow as i'll always lay down on my side of the bed for movies. I played the movie but i was playing my phone in the corner of the room cause i was charging my phone there and they were like stop being on your phone and watch the movie with us! Then I was like chilllll let me play my phone. They lost their patient and ended up Brendan had to snatch my phone away and finally i lay down and discovered the present. It was pretty funny thinking back how i made them waited there for quite awhile and their reactions hahaha.

The second layer of wrapping made me LOL-ed. That's me somehow!

They wrapped so many layers that i thought they were messing with me! They kept laughing at me as the gift was getting smaller after each unwrapping, I was like it must a prank gift like some small packet of tissues or something! since my birthday was like another week away.

Like OMG they got me this Baby-G BA110 Rose Gold that i somehow mentioned to Lydia i wanted for like the longest time. & THEY FREAKING GOT IT FOR ME! Its so pretty and love it!! THANK YOU MY WIVES! ♥

Second birthday surprise is from cousin Lydia & Carmen! I was working morning shift that day, it was also the first day of Flare Production and a dinner plan at Carmen's after. Whole day schedule was so fully packed that i didn't expect a thing, like i couldn't, i didn't have the time! They made me this pig matcha cake while i was busying with my own schedule. I told them to go ahead with dinner first cause production ends quite late but they still waited for me. TOUCHED! :')

I love my matcha pig cake! & Flare Production explains the sweaty hair and thick makeup.

And its my favourite crepe cake! omggggg LOVE YOU GUYS! 

Third surpriseeeee! If you read my Flare  production post, i mentioned how i ended up going home at 6AM in the next day. Very unlucky for my friends, it was my actual birthday that day! Brendan randomly texted me around 1 or 2am asking when will i be home. Like him NEVER text me or ask me when i'll be home LIKE EVER. So i kind of suspected a birthday surprise. So i told him that i will be home late and seriously DO NOT wait for me like SERIOUSLY as i know the post-production thing is not going to end any time soon. So when i went home thinking everyone probably went back (well it is 6am!) & we can have our cake sesh when everyone wakes up. They waited for me, just standing there in the dark at 6am as i open the door to sing happy birthday to me! Very very very touched but at the same time I was guilty AF!

Quote "Hardest birthday surprise" lol. This is a very shit picture of me but its the ONLY picture that night. Its sad that i didn't get a picture with everyone but everyone was exhausted and just forgot! I am very sorry. Gomen nasai, Mianhae, Saranghae! I love you guys 

Friends got me a pair of Thomas Sabo earrings.

Its so pretty I love it! I'm always losing my earrings so i'm only wearing these on special occasions!

Thank you everyone that made my birthday very special to me!! Tho i made a lot of people suffer from waiting for me, its very memorable and i'm sure this is something to look back on and laugh about! ♥ ♥ ♥