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25 August 2015

Tokyo DisneySEA

Intro pic is at the entrance of Tokyo DisneySEA with the globe fountain!

Not a big fan of mickey mouse but i love all the mickey shaped things! 

people mountain people sea.

The first thing you see when you enter DisneySEA is the Mediterranean Harbor with a beautiful view of the castle with a volcano behind.

And a picture with the castle is a must! Selfie stick is actually banned in both Disneyland and DisneySEA like wtf. Im guessing there are many careless people that will accidentally hit other people when they selfie thats why -_-.. But nohhh, we must selfie! Just lookout cuz the workers there will come and stop you from selfie-ing. lol

Mini Venice is just so beautiful! 

Woody looking super creepy.

Tokyo DisneySEA is build just right beside the sea so the sea breeze makes you even more cold than it already is!

Queued freaking 3 hours for Tower of Terror. Love the design of the whole place and also my favourite ride at DisneySEA! Recommend to use your FASTPASS on this ride. Wrapped myself like a ninja cos it was just so cold queuing outside. Was wearing 4 layers of clothing that day because of the freezing experience from Disneyland the day before so it was much much warmer and the weather was so much better too! 

Arabian Coast is gorgeous. Actually every corner of DisneySEA is gorgeous! 

Tried their Tiramisu Ice Cream sandwich. Lovee 

Boring Sinbad ride. lol

Bumped into Cherry and her sister at the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. Asked them to come on the same day as us but we didnt get to meet up. I was on the FASTPASS lane so we just snapped a photo together. 

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a completely waste of time for me. I don't know whether i should be happy that i didn't need to wait in the long queue or should be sad that i used my fastpass on this ride. lol 

Journey to the Center of the Earth sounds like an awesome ride but it was closed that day :/ .. And another bigger attraction that i missed out is the Indiana Jones ride. Queuing time is also around 3 to 4 hours so we just aimed for the smaller rides and following shows and our fastpass schedule instead.

Was very looking forward to Mermaid Lagoon because i seen people posting photos from here many times but it was just an indoor kids' area with some restaurants. Nothing to do really, but still nice to look around and take pictures because of all the pretty lights. 

Love the cute little mermaid toilet signs! Ariel is my favourite classic Disney princess :)

Translator for people that cant understand Japanese at the 3D Magic Lamp Theater.

Toy Story Mania is a 3D shooting game.

We kept getting cheated by the popcorn stalls. Smell so good but tasteless :/

Night show called Fanstamic at the Mediterranean Harbor is a must must MUST watch! 

Catching the showtime and following our fastpass schedule, we were running from one end of DisneySEA to the other end for many times. So we passed through every corner of DisneySEA to and from for at least 3 times i think. So im able to snap photos of the night view around the place too. Tiring it is but worth it.

Here are some pictures of all the same location but at night view! The night view of DisneySEA is so beautiful. Pictures cant show how beautiful the real thing is. ♥ ♥ 

Arabian Coast. 

Creepy Woody glows at night.

Mermaid Lagoon 

Mediterranean Harbor.

Favourite Venice corner 

& i love how every corner they will play a background music for the place. Feels, so much FEELS! 

Breathtaking view from the castle. For me, i love exploring every corner of the place. Many would just rush from one ride to the other, i cannot. Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy the view, appreciate the effort they put in detailing the place. I rank DisneySEA my TOP theme park that i ever visited currently, & yes because it is just gorgeous! 

Tower of Terror looks awesome but a bit out of place don't you think? 

17 August 2015

Tokyo Disneyland

Hello peepos. Apologizing that i disappeared for so long. Finally found my guide map leaflet that i kept for the sake of blogging so now it's time to update my first Disneyland experience after months of delaying.

Visiting Japan, I was given 2 choices *because of budgeting* : Disneyland or Universal Studio. Growing up with Disney, i picked Disneyland instantly with no hesitation. Tho i feel that Universal Studio will be a lot more fun but it has always been a dream to visit Disneyland since little.

 It was a gloomy day as you can see,

 Hi Mickey!

One thing to know is the FASTPASS. Scan your disneyland tickets at the fastpass machines and get your fastpass that gives you a time slot to your chosen ride. Just come back at the stated time and you can avoid all the queuing! Be sure to pick wisely on the rides because you can only use it once every 2 hours and the machines will close once all the time slot was taken. We only got to use our fastpass for like 3 times. So don't waste your fastpass like us on rides that are not worth it.

 Big big crowd everywhere. 

The Hunted Mansion was the attraction that i anticipated the most when looking through the guide map but unfortunately it was under maintenance :(

 Peter Pan's flight was a slow and relaxing ride that i surprisingly enjoyed.

Sheltered from the rain and had a break at Grandma Sara's Kitchen. Good environment good food  

Much love for Happiness is Here parade. They were so close to cancelling the parade because of the rain, thankful  that the rain became smaller and you can see all characters are in their specially made raincoats. Almost teared up watching all the classic disney characters. *childhood flashbacks* .. One of my fav is the Madhatter that was so into his character!

We also stayed for the night show, Once Upon a Time which is a projection show on the Castle and also the fireworks show. Wanted to go back earlier because it was too cold for me to handle. At one point it even started to snow for a few minutes like wtf. Was shivering so bad but i am really glad that we watched the whole thing till the end because the shows was just so beautiful. The pain was worth it.

I have no recommendations on the rides in Tokyo Disneyland because is was so so for me, probably because it was made for children and there was nothing trilling. But I recommend noting down and managing your time for the shows and parade instead of just focusing on rides (cuz i know a lot of people does that). For me, i think that the Disney shows are much more entertaining than their rides. Night show is a must watch in Disneyland! :)
Didn't get a good shot with the castle and was reluctant to post this ugly photo. But what's Disneyland without its castle? 

Next post will be on DisneySEA that i visited the next day. Much more enjoyable for me than the classic Disneyland, im sorry to say. & much more photos too! ♥ ♥