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05 December 2014

New Cosplay Blog

*random unrelated selfie*

So i made a new blog! It's a cosplay blog where i will update my future cosplay-related posts instead of posting here on this blog~ The new blog is kind of like a ripped off from this blog because im using the exact same template + layout but in pink instead~ xD... It's still quite empty now, but more will be added in the future~! Head to & follow for more updates! :) 

25 November 2014

Anime currently following

*random short post

Watching lesser & lesser anime now. Don't know why but recently i feel very lazy to do anything & everything. So now im only following 4 anime that are still on-going & they are all very nice so highly recommended!! 

Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Usho. English: Your Lies in April. Genre: Romance/Music

The anime is just super cute & my current favorite! 

Sword Art Online 2. 

I know most people would know this anime~ Im so happy that the story is back in Alfheim. More Asuna!! ♥ *w*... & much love for newest episode! I think it's the first time in season 2 i think that Kirito is very kakkoii xD.. More Kirito x Asuna please!! ♥ 

Psycho Pass 2

Another must watch! Loved the season 1 & season 2 is very exciting! Wondering & hoping that Kougami will show up soon(?)!

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. English: Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Love it when i first saw the poster before the anime have even released! lol... Typical romance anime that i love & it's getting more interesting! 


21 November 2014

Diamond Ball 2014

Diamond ball aka Swinburne Prom 2014 @ 4 Point Hotel. It was a very  random & sudden decision with Zach to attend prom this year. Since we never once attended Swinburne prom after a few years studying here, so why not? 

Ootn & lotn. Dressed fully in white & brown wig to match the look ♥ :)

Took A LOT of pictures that night!! Will just post some of them that i like :)

♥ ♥ 

Table with dance club gang :)

Kept getting photo-bomb intentionally!!

We also celebrated Jean's birthday that night 

Selfie with birthday girl :)

While kept mumbling how i was never lucky enough to get a prize from a lucky draw. Ta-daaaaa!! Wished that i can get the Husky plushie which was the prize given out after mine but not complaining~

Then it was picture taking time after dinner!

Some group shot with SDC members.

#ifeellikeaprincess.. I think it's my first time wearing a long dress! lol

Handsome boyfie~

Laughing like an idiot.

Shot when we're leaving :3

[Thoughts] Location good. Food was okay, some good some mehh. Performance, also some good some mehh. Don't really know much people there except for dance club members. A bit disappointed because no ballroom dance session, there was the footloose session but no one joined & everyone was leaving that time lol. But overall it was okay~ It's nice to dressed up nicely once in awhile & spend some time with your love ones ♥ :)

07 November 2014

Officially 20!

Happy 20th birthday to me! Getting older & older omggg.. Celebrated with simple lunch date with Zach, cake session & movie night with some friends 

Not forgetting Ginger, early birthday present from mom. Im so happy that you're part of the family now :)... Look at the cute tiny little tongue! 

[Updates on Ginger] 
Potty training going well. She releases on grass now~ Yayyy. Time & patience does pay off! There are still some accidents in the house but a little more time should be okay! Crate her went i go out so most accidents can be prevented. Hope that she will be housebroken soon so she can roam freely around the house :)

She now sleeps together with me for a few nights already ♥.. I heard its bad to sleep with dogs before so i googled & it's fine according to the internet ;)... I love her sleeping next to me even though she constantly stepping on my face, chew my hair & wakes me up early in the morning for like every single day. Better than the thought of crating her throughout the night.

Currently mastered "Lay down" & "Rollover".. "Beg" is still impossible :'( (maybe she doesnt have enough muscles? lol).. Wanna take video of her doing the few tricks she mastered but i always forget! Will post on Insta if do :)

Also, relationship with Vanilla is good now! They always play together & kissing licking each other's face which is a sign of good relationship!♥ (Google-ed)


Birthday lunch @ Sakae Sushi 3 years in a row! Can't help it, i love sushi :3

Boyfie with new haircut 

♥ ♥ 

A shot with Ginger before movie :)

Pretty birthday cake made by my talented mommy ♥... Had 2 separate cake sessions, before movie with mommy & bro, after movie with Zach and Anderson. Im just gonna throw all the pictures together~ :3

Mommy & bro 

*Taken with timer lol

Not forgetting the 2 poopies 

& here's a blur shot of Anderson trying to pretend it's his birthday lol

Then cake time!! Yum!

Went shoe shopping & got myself a pair of new Adidas! Much love ♥ ♥.. Brought the smallest size they have but still too big for me! But i really love it the moment i saw it so i just went ahead a bought it :3 ..

& OMG! Iphone 6 that just released in Kuching, surprise from Z. He tricked me to go attend class alone saying that he need to help out his mom while he went to queue up for hours to get it for me! I kinda suspected that he will get me a phone cuz he gave out a lot of hints lol & always telling me that i deserve a better phone :').. He also got me a new head pillow on my birthday telling me that it is a "pre-present" (told him before that my previous pillow hurts my neck) when Iphone6 is still yet to release in Kuching. So thoughtful!! ♥ ♥ .. Why you so nice to me?! I cannot! I love you!!  (& you know its not because of the phone kayyyy lol)

Also, A BIG THANK YOU to people that celebrated with me & also to everyone that wished me Happy Birthday. I feel very thankful & i appreciate it very much! It was just another normal day but you guys made me feel special in a way.