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01 February 2016

Europe Trip | York City pt.2

Part. II is all about strolling around the city 

@Merchant Adventurer's hall. Sounds very RPG right!

The Shambles that makes me think of Diagon Alley.

Street performance.

York Minster. Windy!

Sis & her "Harry Potter" background. Here i help you put in some low quality cause i lazy magic lol.

St. Mary's Abbey

Bridge of York

A walk on York City Walls

Only a few hours in York so we only got to explore just some parts of the city but definitely a place worth visiting  :)

30 January 2016

Europe Trip | York pt.1 | Castle Museum

Paris Trip was cancel so we have a lot of extra days to spend. Instead of just laying around in Leeds all day everyday, we decided to take a day trip to York. York is a small city just 30minutes away from Leeds by train. It was a random decision made like just a day before and im glad! I enjoyed York 

The city is quiet and empty when we arrived because we went quite early when the shops there are still closed.

York Castle that looks huge in pictures.

Is surprisingly small and short. lol

Circled around York Castle Museum for awhile because we can't find the entrance and thought it was closed for the day. Later found out that the entrance was just right in front of us and we didn't notice because it was small and doesn't look like the main entrance lol

I loveeee museums ♥... There are a lot of different themed rooms from different eras for display and all are so detailed and pretty. Would be nice if we are allowed to enter, it will be like a life size doll house! 

Kids section cause i like playing with dolls.

Bow down for your queen.

Fav part of the museum. A mini life size town! Everything is very detailed. There are shops your can enter, back alleys and the background sound effects are so good! Day time they will have sound effects of crowed people and horse carriage and night time the street lights will light up and the street will be quiet. There is also rain effects! Feels like you're in some sort of game. Lovee  

Creepy old lady that is always watching.

And a jail too!

First World War section.

Fav photo of the day.

They have a nice back garden that is nice to just walk around a bit.

Cake break before continue exploring the city.