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07 November 2015

Baby's birthday

Happy 22th birthday!! Treat him to korean food for lunch but not posting photos cause was in a very unglam state lol.

Our own cake sesh before heading to his dinner party with some close friends and family.

Location @ Cafe cafe because of their good food!

7 - 8 courses of buffet separated into 3 separate tables. 


*heart-shaped eyes* 

Family table 

Little Elaine. Our ootd matched! 

& 2 friends table .. Burst into laughter because Annie's photographing pose was too funny lol

Received 4 cakes that day! Almost got him one more afraid that there wont be any birthday cake. Good thing i asked around!

One of my fav photo "ooo, duck!"

♥ ♥ 

Too many cakes!

Matching write tops for the night. Glad that i asked him to dressed up nicely, photos turned out much better than wearing tshirt and jeans right. hehehe :3

Happy Birthday baby. First time celebrating your birthday with you, i guess im not the type that will do a lot of preparations but i hope you enjoyed this simple birthday 


21 September 2015

FOOD! | Japan

All about food post! Just sharing some of the things i had in Japan. Cuz sharing is caring  lol

I don't know what this kind of shop is called, but we visited a number of it for many times and is located like everywhere around Tokyo. It serves different kinds of donburi and soba. First thing you need to do is order and pay at the ordering machines. I chose my food by looking at the pictures and displays of the meal they put outside the shop. & as you can see from the machine, price range is around 300-500 yen which is around rm15. Exaggerating people saying that one meal in Japan cost like rm100 & saying that you need to eat mcd to survive. Like whatt? NO don't listen to them. 

Usually it's self-service. After you get your ordering ticket, you pass it to the people at the kitchen counter. Grab your own chopsticks and water. Then you need to get your food from then counter when your food is ready. Order is ready like less than 5minutes. Like super fast! Japan is a busy city and people moves fast, continuing their busy day after a quick meal here. Can see a lot of business man coming in and out.

Different kinds of donburi and soba. Donburi is my go-to in japan! & used to dislike cold soba but Japan's cold soba is love! Definitely preferred it more than the warm one(with soup)! So good!

Some random supper we had while strolling around the city at midnight.

Next stop, Harajuku! & what's a Harajuku visit without crepes?! Everybody knows i love crepes! Super sad that every crepe store closed down in kuching *cries*

Marion Crepes. Their long queuing line attracted me to get one. Price around 1000yen and below which is like rm30 wtf

Santa Monica crepe. Yes i had two crepes at once cos i know i won't have another visit back to harajuku for that trip.

It smaller and less attractive looking. Price range slightly cheaper than Marion Crepe. 

Review : Both taste similar to the ones i had back in kuching. So nothing really special. The only difference is the wrapping is crispier for Marion crepes. 

Some random cheese sticks 

& worst crepe goes to this piece of crap i found in Akihabara. lol i cannot. & it cost like 500yen, around rm 15.

Lunch at Freshness Burger.


Went to Monja Street for their famous okonomiyaki that we heard its a must have. Okonomiyaki is a kind of japanese pancake with different ingredients you can choose from. Not sure we went into which shop but the whole street is full of these shops!

And yes its so good!


One pancake is not enough so we ordered something else from the menu. Forgot what this is called but it's slimy and i preferred okonomiyaki over this :)

And we found the best melon bun ever on this street! We tried the melon bun from convenient store and also from a bakery, nothing compared to this!

Never thought melon bun can  taste this good! Its so good that we came back to Monja Street just for it before rushing to the airport. Must have one last bite before leaving Japan!

Tip: Eat it right after you bought it! The first time we bought it we ate one on the spot and the second one we brought it back to our hotel. Big mistake. It is originally crispy and soft at the same time, after that it become like normal bread texture. lol im so bad at explaining

Melon ice cream from the same stall! 

Random ramen i had. Read here for the best ramen ever!

Small break sesh with parfait.

Takoyaki that Zach claimed to be the best takoyaki ever.

Some random food from convenient store. 

Its good. Until you tried the one from Monja street! 

Onigiri. My everyday snack.

I was like I must eat sushi in Japan! So we went looking around and went into the first sushi shop we saw on our last day in Japan.

♥ ♥ 

Some souvenir snacks. Chocolate mochi 

& lastly, a must must MUST buy, Tokyo Banana. I fell in love. 

Look at the super cute packaging!

LOVE! I need more!!

The end. x