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05 January 2017

I got a Degree!

Time to face reality and blog about my graduation! Feeling guilty that i only blogged twice since i came to Melbourne when its 2017 already and most of my 2016 posts are from 2015. Mianhae~ to myself and my readers if i have any.

Horrible hair and makeup of the day done by me. I really love that our graduation hood from business course is in gold colour that i personally think its the nicest colour ever for a graduation hood. #lucky

Same boring and long as ceremony but yay got my cardboard scroll tube thing. & wtf swinburne for charging so much for a seat, not even one complimentary seat for family members *roll eyes*

So much love for these two. Thank you for being by my side 

Brother that came even though he hates traveling :)

I was her representative and photographer for her graduation and she promised to be mine 

& also my cousin Lydia that im very thankful for. Melbourne life would not be the same if its not for her. I actually feel that i went through my whole life with her, growing up the same age together and then graduated together. ILY

Somehow we always ended up taking pictures like this.


Silly shot :D

With uncle and aunty .. I always get negative vibes from people when i mentioned that my parents didn't attend me and my sister's graduations like its a "must" to attend your children's graduation. For me i think whats important its not how they are there or not on your graduation but how they are there for you throughout your journey - (Beverly, 2017). Seriously no big deal guyssss, our parents love us just as much :) 

Thank you friends for coming ♥ ♥ 

Silly shot failed with only me and Lydia doing it. 

Plan to loose weight before graduation failed but its ok la :)

Compulsory cap throwing shot. I really like how we caught a bird in the shot. lol

Beautiful roses from friends and family 

From cousins that said they dont know where to get flowers so they got us plants 

From kuching friends, so thoughtful even when you guys are so far away 

Thank you everyone. Officially unemployed and clueless on what to do next! :) xo

Extra: A collage of photobombed pictures by Edwin.

06 November 2016

Flare Production 2016 | ASCENDANCE

Hi guys i'm back!  I'm like super free now that Flare Production ended, i don't really get a lot of shifts from my casual job cause my boss sucks, i graduated (will blog about that some other time) & my cousin/ roommate & partner in crime for like almost a year in Melbourne just went back to Malaysia. Daily routine when im not working is just watching Vampire Diaries (omg Damon i cannot asdfghjkl), eat & sleep lol. So instead of that, i pushed myself to start this blog post today! Yaass finally!

Studying aboard its all about the experience! Things like living without your parents, meeting different people and depending more on yourself. Academic wise, i don't think there is much difference studying back in my hometown and aboard. You kinda learn the same thing just in a different country. So the experience is what matters most! At least for me.

And one of my highlights in my life here in Melbourne is joining Flare Dance Ensemble, meeting many Flarians and got to be as a part of their 2016 Production!

Flare Dance Ensemble is the Dance Club of Melbourne Uni & anyone can join! & their annual production is a three nights dance performance that gives their choreographers and members a chance to showcase on stage. This year is Flare's 15th production and its called ASCENDANCE. Which means something like overcoming challenges, keep moving forward and something like that. There are a total of 13 pieces with different genres like Urban/ lyrical/ contempt etc and each piece was about 8-10 minutes so the whole performance night goes for like 2 hours each night. 

They started casting for production since April i think. So everyone practiced for months before the showcase. Whole week of production was packed with rehearsals rehearsals rehearsalsssss. Stage run rehearsal, tech run rehearsal, lighting rehearsal, full dress rehearsal, all these to make sure that the actual show runs smoothly. Like wow I was surprised how they organised and managed everything so professionally. That moment i was just super thankful that i graduated cause it was like the week before swotvac which means all the assignments getting due and final exams being a week away. omg my poor friends :(

Anyway, i belong to the Warriors family led by Bonnie! It was my only piece in production so i'm super thankful to Bonnie for casting me. Thankyoufornoticingthispotato :3... She has been super kind to us and she always made practices fun, sometimes stressful BUT FUN!  & she made us these 'Warriors' jumpers to each of us that we are wearing in the picture above with our own name on the back. LOVE IT SO MUCH! Thank you Bonbon ♥ 

Backstage photo with Mama Bon 

& i love our production jumper! A for Ascendance with a gold wing and flare logo on the left sleeve that i feel like its perfect for dabbing lol

& Ascendance Flare Dance Ensemble on the back :)

All three days everyone will gather on stage for warm ups before the show.

WARRIORS story time! It was 1939, we were categorized into groups of paper boys, rich dudes, poor dudes, rich and poor girls which explains the different costumes.

& then an invasion hits! omg ruuuuuuun~ 

Then it goes into a sad lyrical section where lovers bid their farewells as their partners goes to war.

Then we go into war!! With our army clothes and a more intense chorey woo!

And i had a mental breakdown when everyone else dies in the end and i'm the sole survivor of the war cause i'm awesome and nothing can kill me! Or maybe i killed everyone deng deng deng *evil smirk* hashtag plottwist.  

I love our Warriors routine very much! But too bad we can't share videos from production cause we all worked so hard so you need to buy tickets to watch us dance :3

Bonnie's piece was like third in production, so i had plenty of free time after finishing 'Warriors'. Thus our card game squad formed up in the waiting room cause they don't want too many people squeezing in the dressing rooms for the convenience of back to back dancers that needs to run on and off the stage throughout production.


Definitely gonna miss this one .. & look my eyebrow so naisee lolol

A quick group selfie at the super fun finale when all cast joined in on stage. Good vibes guysss!

@Oriental Spoon for post production party with the whole second floor booked by Flare packed with over 100 cast members. Much needed food, bonding and appreciation certs giving. It was a tradition for the choreographers to present the certs to their cast members and giving a speech on each person. As we have like over 100 flarians there thus 100+ individuals speeches, it was obvious that the cert giving thing will drag until pretty late. We had to move the party to QV after Oriental Spoons closes at like 12.30am. I was expecting that we end around 2am but we actually ended the whole thing at 4am! 

Like omg I was actually dead inside by that time! The trains only run once per hour after hours and the next train was at 4.45am. I waited for Georgia to go back together cause we were heading towards the same station. Before going back, a few of us wanted to grab Maccas and i ended up missing my 4.45 train and need to catch the next one which was at 5.45am! & i got home at like 6am something wtf... dead

So much time and effort by 100 dancers put into this production. Sometimes you look at other dancers that joined a number of production pieces, you feel at ease that you don't have those weekly practices, all the rehearsals that you already had but times them with like 1000, not having to run backstage to change and run back on stage again after every piece not being able to even catch your breath. Still, my biggest regret is not casting for more pieces. There was a few production pieces that i really like and regretted so much for not casting for them. And also i should have tried different genres of dance instead of just sticking with urban as there won't be much opportunities like this again in the future.  

If i were to have the chance to stay in Melbourne longer i would definitely be more involve and be as more part of this big family. Thank you Flare for this opportunity and experience, i'm happy to able to call myself a flarian even its just for this short amount of time 

21 March 2016

Im in Melbourne!

Greetings from Melbourne! Random balloon picture as intro because i don't really have any other photos lol. So I transferred to Melbourne for my final semester!! It's been 3 weeks since i arrived, been busying here and there doing nothing much *lol* so couldn't find the time to post an update. Getting used to life here and enjoying myself but not for long, uni workload is piling up!

Student of Swiburne Hawthorn! & here's my ugly student ID but shall not complain cause its much better than my passport or any other kind of photo IDs. Random editing done from snapchat~ Im active! Add me @harukobev

Melbourne City

The city is a very nice place to shop! I love winter fashion so trying hard to control myself from buying all the nice jackets and coats! And shoes! SO MANY NICE SHOES! Must save money so i can travel around and maybe take on some dance classes here!

You can find graffiti almost everywhere in Melbourne! Which i love

@Hosier Lane. They say there's always new graffiti replacing the old ones there, so you can always go back to see new pieces

@Moomba fest.

City at night

Summarising the first week, Avalon every night! LOL

And FOOD! Everyday all day. I already gained much weight in this short period of time. MUST HAVE SELF CONTROL.



Froyo is love

Enjoying homecooking as well which was mostly done by our mama Lydia

Getting free sushi rolls for supper every now and then from work which is one of the reasons why i gained so much weight.

Partner in crime. She's been taking care of me so much ..Let's work hard to diet! hahaha

Bye bye for now! x