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20 April 2015

CNY 2015 part 3

Cny day 3 night! #lotn

If you know me or have been following me, you'll know my mom's side of the family is very big. And we are super close too! ...So like every year on cny, we will choose a night to have everyone gather at my place & the house will be packed inside out! Too bad some people cant make it :(

A group picture of the gang hanging out in the dining room 

Chilling area outside.

Little steamboat area at the backyard prepared by mom .. And the little kids played in the living. So glad that they didn't went upstairs this year! Less cleaning up too do :P

Even though sis is currently away this cny, her friends visited us like every other year. It's very sweet of them 

A very adorable shot of Ginger i caught . Poor Ginger getting played and pulled by little kids whole night long :(

Adorable nephew, but super naughty i cannot.

Also celebrated cousin's birthday that night! We wanted to surprise him but he saw the cake in fridge when he went to get a drink. So when we took out the cake and sang the birthday song we pretended it's someone else's birthday. The disappointed look on his face was hilarious. *evil laugh*

Finally gathered everyone in one place, so picture time!!


Mirror pictures ♥ 

And its an every year thing to have a group picture of the girls in this corner. Black and white dress code 

Such a mess lol

It's like a photoshoot session. We have more than one camera taking pictures so all eyes are looking at different directions lol

No idea what we were doing.

Most photos are already posted on fb but i love them all so imma post again! 

Cousin Lydia 

Angel Jie 

Cousin Carmen 

Cousin Nadia 

My Ni jie & Tian jie 

♥ ♥ 

& a must-group-photo  but sis is missing :(

Tian jie : "ahhh Ginger licked my foot!"

Double chin shot. lol

& i love this photo of us looking at Ginger ..Spot our traffic light hair colour!


& mommy that worked hard to prepare everything 

Ginger fell asleep immediately after everyone left. Poor thing must be exhausted!

♥ ♥ 

& my ootn 

High low kind of dress :)

Messy hair & smudged make up at the end of the night. Though no karaoke & gambling session this year, it was a great night just hanging out and chit chatting. Cant wait for next gathering. ♥ x

13 April 2015

CNY 2015 part 2

#ootd post 

  Day 2 in my very simple black and white dress that i really like.

 Love the see through on the sides of the dress.

 & also my cute bag that i got really cheap online 

Picture photobombed by brother & Vanilla! 

 With mommy in her similar patterned dress coincidentally~

That's all for today! Bye x

17 March 2015

CNY 2015 Part 1

As promised. Im back from Japan! So here's my Chinese New Year update. This is part 1! Not squeezing everything into one post because there are just too many photos! Chinese New Year is all about spending time with your family & friends, also meeting up with people that you don't usually hangout with, ANGPAOs & lots of photo taking! 

Starting the post with our self-timer family photo that i really love! ♥ 

 Coincidental white with dad & bro! 

Sis is not with us this year because she's studying in UK. Was very tempted to crop her face into the photo with us but was lazy to do so~ Im very sorry lol

Some pictures while im testing the timer~
 This is not how you should hold a dog.

 ♥ ♥ 

Unlike every year, this year i worn something casual. So casual that my dad asked me "these clothes are new ah?".. Then my mom asked me whether i was going to change into another outfit or not. LOL Was it that bad?! It's really simple but i love it. :) 

 Handsome brother & pretty mommy. 

& some photos together with daddy & mommy! ♥ 

 bts, the usual photo-taking at our nicely decorated corner 

 A shot with cousins and aunt when visiting. 

[Thoughts] Cny this year was kind of dull for me compared to past years. Maybe because many people are away & the mood is not that lively like every other year. Only visited 2-3 houses a day & was unable to meet up with cousins as much because of different schedules. Plus, was feeling sick & need to see the doctor on the first night of cny that made me missed out the gathering at cousin Lydia's house *cries*. Was in Borneo Center for like 3 hours! omg. Tho was feeling pretty sick, i still put effort on dressing up & do as much visiting as i can because cny only happens once a year! Placed myself in a good mood that everyone said that i don't look sick at all! lol

Overall i had a great time & i really love this festive season! 

Ps. The next few cny updates are mostly just outfit of the day post. :)